A letter to my JiJu -Happy Birthday to you.

Time flies. Yes, it did; and I can firmly say this because I know how quickly it has flown from the grand engagement day of your's (day when I first saw you) to today; when its the time where we are eager to see our junior. This birthday of yours has so much to celebrate... Continue Reading →


Say “YES” to Life

Life has so much in it. It has combined waves of happiness and sorrows. No two days are similar here. One aspect of life leads toward the growth while the other one tends to degrade towards the downfall. It varies from person to person and to their situation to situation. There is no exact definition... Continue Reading →

Your Words are your Healer

Words are limitless. They can't be stopped anywhere. Neither in your mind nor in your heart. You can't hold them at your end. They will somehow flow out of you. If you have them in your mind or heart, speak them out in front of others or write them on your diary else they will... Continue Reading →

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